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    48 HOUR RECORDS is an independent record label THE IDEA OF, CHINO (Zino montoute )& CJ (Conrad Phipps jr )in the mid 1990’s. BEING INTRODUCED TO MUSIC AT a young age in the 1980’s. it was then —seeing micheal Jackson on tv. ”that was the first time I had seen someone doing music right then & there, it was clear this is what i had to do in life”. THEIR FATHERS BEING MUSICIANS helped fuel their passion for music . introducing them to many different genres of music from reggae to rock & roll,hip hop,pop and many different forms of music. IN THE MID 1990’s. in their early teens. 48 hour records was born as an idea.. they collected equipment and used Anything to learn how to create and record their own music . from the 1990' to the mid 2000's the streets had taken over their passion for music and took them to Many different places where they met many different people and started a coalition called the 48 hour crew. always having their passion for music and starting a record label in their hearts and minds. many of the 48 hour crew lost their lives,went to jail and went separate ways. cj subsequently passed away. In 2019 chino founded 48HOUR RECORDS llc . I’m memory of cj & all who had lost their lives in the streets from the 48 hour crew .

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