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    Zach Lipscomb is a hip hop artist and music producer from Sacramento, California. He started writing rhymes at an early age to mimmick his favorite battle artists such as Cassidy and Fabolous. He became serious about his craft after he wrote and produced his first song "Stay Strong". The song showcased his maturity and growth as an artist and human being who is privy to the matrix we all conform too. Persistently honing his production and lyrical skills over the last decade, he released his first indie album - Nexus - on September 12th 2017. His favorite song on NEXUS is "Sheep" which touches upon the complacency of the human population and our unwillingness to divert from the norm. His musical influences include Kid Kudi, Tupac Shakur, Kanye West, Creed, and Nirvana. He is currently finishing up his second indie Album - Flux which will be released summer of 2018.

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