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    Yoro Ba (born September 05, 1989), better known by his stage name YohRoh or YohRoh The Producer, is a rapper from Senegal who made his debut in 2005. In 2006 him and his friend Balla Game created a hip-hop group UG (Ultimate Gangsta), they sang in English and Wolof. They had to released some mix-tapes. Known as Hom'Show, in reference to how they hustle to record these tracks. Not having the means to make the distribution, they preferred to use the audio streaming sites (soundcloud, reverbnation, skyrock, etc.) A year after the record label DawRecords (Dark Warrior Records) was officially born. After a few years of standby because of studies at the university, Yohroh has released several solo singles, the best known of which are Rap Art, Danger, Yoh !!, My type, High Time etc, and a mixtape (DANGER) under the DAWRECORDS label. Subsequently he began with the production and coaching of other artists.

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