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    Born Aaron Williams, he spent his early years moving back and fourth between Woodland Hills, CA and Los Angeles, CA. Attending school at El Camino Real Charter High School until being kicked out of the house at the age of 18 the day after his birthday. Soon he found himself living on the streets with no money and no where to sleep resorting to things like robbery, drug-dealing and MMA fighting to pass his time while also keeping money in his pocket. Earning him the name 'Doughboy'. After spending a year on and off the streets his mother begged him to come home so he decided it was time to try and get his life together. He created a SoundCloud and started to release rap songs he had recorded in his mother's living room on her laptop while she had been out at work. He posted anything that sounded "different". That same year he would go viral on on the with a vine titled "Teen moms be in the party like..." with an original song that he had produced which sampled the another vine that was popular at the time. He posted the original song on SoundCloud which soon grew to 20,000 plays in just 3 months and later a remix to Bobby Shmurdas "All About Her Shmoney" which grew to 70,000 plays in the same amount of time. After a car accident in 2017, he found himself more motivated than ever to put together a project and release it. Cleverly titled "H8", the album incorporates his home town with the '8' from their '818' area code and the word 'hate' because "that's just what he feels."

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 The longer the journey, the sweeter the victory..."