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    Music genres evolve and fluctuate with the decades. And as a genre of music that spawned out of a necessity to spread the story of a people, Hip-Hop has grown and changed as well. It's evolved and broken into many sub genres over the years. Unfortunately, the sub genre most popularly known by the masses is one that many true Hip-Hop heads passionately dislike. This new popular form of the music is quite often categorized as simply "Commercial Rap". And just when you think there's no recovery, a new sub genre and a new voice is born. YBC Tha Nerd, born Edward White, is an up and coming rapper from the city of Chicago. YBC Tha Nerd has been rapping for fourteen years now. After hours spent writing and in the studio, with the occasional break for Gaming and Anime, YBC will certainly be an artist to watch out for. YBC Tha Nerd was frustrated with the current state of Commercial Rap and wanting to give a voice to those like him, YBC has created his own sub genre of music which has been dubbed, "Nerd-Hop". Music for the intelligent, elite and lovers of Hip-Hop is what he promises to deliver. Drawing on inspiration from sources like 2Pac, Common and Mos Def musically and historical philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato and Martin Luther King Jr, this is a genre that promises to astound and enlighten the currently jaded masses. And after years of songs that only create one bad dance after another, YBC promises to become a great addition to the Hip-Hop legacy. And perhaps offer the salvation, that many might argue, the genre desperately needs.

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