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    Dat Young Miller is an American Rapper and is best known as a southern rapper/producer specializing in Hip-Hop/Rap music. With over 6k followers and subscribers on Instagram and Twitter, his, content has over 160,000 streams since 2017. Dat Young Miller has collaborated and performed with Trent2time, Bona Elzee, King S., Boss Grimes, Carlos Spokenword Smith, Big V., Qui, Marq Blu and General Woods. He has released Happy NIck’s, The Aviation Field, A Wasted Mind, A Conscious Soul, and singles like Hustlers, Sumthin Lite, They Don’t, as well as EPs, The Young Miller Tape 2, Street Tape beat tape 1 and 2. He has served in the United States Army in 2006 until the present. In 2008 while serving in operation Iraqi freedom he met Bona Elzee and they formed the group FNR under the alias eBz Da Walkn Star. In 2008 Dat Young Miller was featured on FNR Mixtape, Da Walkn Catastrophe mixtape, and the Cash Ack Series when the group parted ways Dat Young Miller continued to perfect his craft and who he was as an artist when he eventually changed his name and dropped The Young Miller tape on datpiff which streamed over 5k with 2K in downloads. Dat Young Miller also a producer and has produced several tracks for Trent2times, Sabio the Great, and Luca L’z In 2017 and 2018, Dat Young Miller also took his first 3 months' revenue for A Wasted Mind and donated it to American Sickle Cell Foundation in honor of his friend.

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