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    Born with SA, Raised by RE, Flourished because of GA, Needs a MA, And a PA. What is it called, Music, What is it, Life for me, Life of you, Soul of me & you. Music is in everything, It’s everywhere, From the falling of rains from those big black clouds, To the sound of pinch by my fingers, It isn’t anywhere when you see, It’s everywhere you hear. Yeah! Thats right EVERYWHERE!. We the Team of CROOKED BLACK are constantly working our best to create not SOUND, not NOISE and not even MUSIC because none of the above can be created because they already are present around us, we at CROOKED BLACK just shape them in a manner that not only individuals could understand but the whole could could understand music could feel it. The best thing is about music is, It need not be searched, It needs not be discovered, It only needs to be heard, Needs only to be felt. COME JOIN US IN THIS VOYAGE OF FEELING MUSIC AND NOT JUST HEARING IT. Because as much as I need it, You need it too.

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