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    The Group Witchpromotion consist Finn Laus Petersen with help from Dolphin studio Holsted Denmark. Finn Laus Petersen making the Legend, his background is spiritual, he have a gift to see into the most religious community, but he also use hypnotic from and psychological and meditation. The words has to be spiritual, enlightening, fun pop or rock. He working for relief organisation as previous Jehovah Witness and also animal preservation and protect wildlife. The drawing is made by Kamilla Birla Guul from city Vejle Denmark, she is belief in the Norse gods, Witch, Viking, artist, a creative spirit with her hand. and Preben Hougaard Schmidt he is the Shaman, teacher at the school in city Vejle Denmark. Singer is Ms. Nin Pedersen from City Varde Denmark and Søren Them from city Holsted Denmark

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