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    William Nassar is a Canadian - Lebanese most outstanding and successful protest singer and composer. He has achieved world reputation as a protest singer and peace activist. William Nassar descends from al Batroun, a very beautiful Christian town North of Beirut. He was born on December 25th in the Northern Lebanese village "Batroumeen" (The house of god), of a Lebanese father and a Palestinian mother. For he was born in Batroumeen, his close friends call him "al Batroumeeni" (The Batroumeenist). He started his career at the age of 11, when he sought refuge into music to run away from the sounds of civil war, and took a stand against the sectarian killing at a very young age throughout his music and songs. On the year 1987, he was subject to an assassination attempt in Beirut by Islamist fundamentalists after his song Beirut. so that, he left Lebanon on February 13th, 1993 and residing since then in the beautiful town of Cupids in Newfoundland and Labrador. William Nassar possesses a P.h.D. degree in Ethno-musicology and taught Arabic composition and orchestration at various musical institutions and conservatoires, besides his work as a songwriter and singer. He is a member of several musical organizations and considered one of today's leading political "protest" composers and singers who promote peace and non-violence in the middle east. On the year 2014, he was diagnosed with Leukemia and Liver Cancer. He undergone a tough treatment and survived. Being a Cancer Survivor, William Nassar dedicates each year a concert, and donates the income to the Canadian Cancer Society. , which helps Kids living with Cancer, and he is an active volunteer with them. William Nassar albums have been runaway hits in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan and other Arab states, as well as Canada, the United States and Europe, especially after his hit song On the Road to Aytat, Al Tareeq Aytat. which was released on the year 1986 and re-recorded on 2015 under the title A Red Hymn. Track No. 2 of the CD Album You look like Pomegranate. William Nassar compositional skills have been honored with distinguished awards by several International and local music festivals and civil societies. - Medal of honor on the year 2010 from the Palestinian National Authority, for supporting the Palestinian cause via his songs and music, especially the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. - The International Ethnic Music Festival on May 2008, at Quebec City, for his composition The Boy and the Red Camel. - Acuga Medal Award as the best Canadian composer of Arab origins. - On April 2015, he became a Global Citizen

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