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    Jawes is a musical standout with an immeasurable amount of charm and his sex appeal. His reatl name is Wesner Joseph He is not only a force to be reckoned with because of his amazing vocal talents, but his humble nature has pushed him to achieve higher goals and gain notoriety as an emerging music artist and Producer. Jawes brings something exceptionally refreshing and musically credible to the Rap kreyol, R&B, Trap and World music scene with his team of PIWO Records. His music incorporates a vocal style reminiscent of music icons Jeremih, Trey Song and Tory Lanez while remaining true to his own unique style. Jawes is an actor and photo-videographer Jawes was inspired by these early experiences, motivating him to share inspiration through music into his adulthood as he perfected his craft. His influences growing up included some of the greatest artists in music, such as Prince, Stanley Georges, R-Kelly, Nas, 2pac, Jarule, Money Mike and his father Emmanuel Joseph. Over the past several years, Jawes has been focused on his career as a breakout Rap kreyol, R&B artist. He is currently performing across the world He has also teamed up with GUD Pictures Studios to shoot his video from the mixtape "from nuthin to sumthin". Jawes's future in music is bright as he continues to press forward with his plans, earning recognition along the way.

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