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    The Trans-Pacific Love story of Fleur (Auckland, New Zealand) and Wesley Wood (Washington State Foothills) helped to shape the couple's unique brand of wholesome songwriting commonly described as a balanced blend of rustic alt-country and Folk. The Addition of Wesley's mandolin and banjo gives a hint of old-timey feel. "A cultured blend of alt country and Americana that rings of rustic small towns and makes the listener feel warm and at home." - The Portland Vanguard With over 250 Performances as a duo since 2014, great reviews are opening exciting new doors for The W Lovers- "The W Lovers are the best new duo to step into the Seattle music scene" - Findyourfav.com - Seattle "It’s refreshing to see musicians who fully commit to their craft, discard their safety net and create an authentic, visceral sound that only talent-with-desperation can bring." - Nadamucho.com "We love The W Lovers" - The Portland Vanguard The W Lovers features a full band for both live performances and recordings featuring Eric Van Allan on Upright Bass, Chris Lucier on Drums and Patrick McHenry on Pedal steel, adding an element of warmth in rhythm and richness in tonal character that makes for beautiful marriage between soundscape with songwriting.

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