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    Wes Speight (stylized as Sp8), a Seattle singer/songwriter originally from Tennessee, has played many of the venues in Seattle WA and Nashville TN and has toured to places such as Vancouver BC, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Texas, New York, Spain, Italy and France. His music varies widely from Americana to Bluesy to Rock with a weirdo punk attitude. Speight is the frontman of the Blues-Punk trio Wes Sp8 & the Apollo Proxy. Speight's first album, Please EP, was released in 2008 under an independent label. Since then he has released 4 more full-length albums independently: 2011's Lie & Wish, 2012's Hackneyed and 2014's Transmigration, 2015's Rejection Letter, 2017's Gold Mind, and 2018's 2084 and Procession Ep.

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