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    Hello there, My name is Welter Rasmussen, I grew up in Brazil and started music at a very young age following my parents path. At the age of 9, I fell in love with the acoustic guitar and started taking private lessons right away. When I turned 12, I picked up the electric guitar and joined a band shortly after that. While playing in a band I was blessed with the opportunity to meet and become friends with incredible people that I'm still friends with up until this day. I wrote my first song I was 14 years old and right away I had a very strong feeling about what I wanted to pursue in life. I moved to USA when I was 18 and 4 years later got married to a wonderful woman with whom I had 2 beautiful children named Victor & Niamaya. Every since I can remember I have never been apart from music and that's how I intend to continue until my very last day here on this beautiful planet! I hope you enjoy my music as much as I do, it's an honor to share them with you - stay tuned. Love & peace to all. Welter Rasmussen