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    My name is Wayne Dawkins and I am the founder and lead groove architect at QL-Sound Labs. Our range in music covers a multitude of genres from Pop, to Hip Hop to Rap, Club, RnB, Trap and House arrangements. There is no music that is out of our comfort zone. Our unique style of implementing contrasting flavors into one complete Track makes everything from our Sound Labs a one of a kind creation. We offer full service music production and are the leading innovators of Soulful Trap, and are preparing to introduce the concept of Transit Trax (A musical story enjoyed most when simply traveling) to the industry. I would like to thank you for taking the time out to learn a little more about us. Please Take a minute to see for yourself and Enjoy ! Contact us: qlehub11@gmail.com

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 QL-Sound Labs....... Providing the music industry with the most innovative creations in sound