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    Born in Thailand as Walai Pipatcharoenkij in a family who had nothing to do with music but supported me and wanted to see me as a rockstar! Known as “Kitty” as I called myself after my beloved dog and later adopted “Lady A.M.” as an artist name. My music career has been going long enough. Starting from the like to sing, then make a living professionally as a voiceover and session background singer in studios and live concerts. They were all done by ear and I was so proud of the gift from god. Then one day, I recorded the harmony in fourth by accident and couldn’t find the other part to fit well. That was when I decided to go to music school. I had my bachelor in advertising when I moved to Los Angeles in 2002. Changing my path was to completely start all over again at LA Valley college. It wasn’t too hard because it was my choice. So I put all the energy I had into music education. I was so into it that from vocal classes, I enrolled in everything they could offer both classical and commercial music. At the same time, made a living as a singer at Thai restaurants in LA. Later on I transferred to California State University, Los Angeles and finished with Master in Music focusing in composing and arranging. When finishing my master’s, I had chances to co-work with a few producers in the US industry, producing, writing, and recording songs and music for commercials. I, then realized how much I loved it and discovered I had an ear for it. It hasn’t stopped since then!

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