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    "WR is a record label originally founded in 2012 by independent musicians in form of a “show makers” as we liked to call it, with great dreams to become a record label. For us in those times, used to think that kind of business belonged to great companies and corporate people, that we needed to be on the road to make it. Obviously we were wrong. We made one show per year, with argentinian and brazilian bands, and they totally nailed it, I personally loved each band that played on our festivals and would totally do it again: but it was difficult to make a deal that benefits the bands and the label, from that idea of making better opportunities for the musicians and a better deal for our company, came WR. We are in a great time for the music industry, when the musicians that want to make a living from their art, can join the business without so much years of learning about it or big corporations taking only their own benefits. This idea of record label fits every band and always will listen what musicians want to be, create and, of course, sell, because THAT is what this is about. We studied, and learned every corner of this industry in depth to offer this knowledge to the artists and obviously, we make a team who can manage the needs of every music mind who wants to show the world their art. We are in the moment and time when the artists hand-in-hand with us can beat their goals, and live of what they love, as we like every day to do.” Octavio Boggiano CEO & Founder