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    My Name is Wade Elgin and I Love Music. Music has always been apart of my Life. The cracking sound of my Grandfather’s Gramophone would spark a flame which lit the burning passion for my love of Music. I would spend countless hours just sitting at the back of My Grandfather’s Gramophone just looking at the electrical tubing. It was so fascinating to see all the tubing lighting up as the unique sounds came out of the old Gramophone. The Sound the needle would make as it touched a record for the first time, felt like Christmas ! I couldn’t wait to hear what sound came out. The sounds of different music which I heard as a child would build a solid foundation for me today. As a Music Producer today I try to stand out and also try to bring todays flavor. I still have that exciting feeling of discovering new sounds. El-gin Sound Productions has been in the making since I was a little boy. My Love of Music will never change. Looking forward I hope to inspire the younger generations. Hopefully My Love for music will spark a flame in someone.