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    Vlad Lozinsky is the founder of "Tetris" group and its creative mainstay. Back in 1990 he was the first Russian composer to start using new technology to create music and it was around this time that "Tetris" was born. The name "Tetris" derives from a popular Russian computer game. Hence the design on the album cover. In 1994 Vlad invited Pavel Hotin to join him in a live performance. Pavel had previous experience with Moscow group "Zvuki Mu" and had also worked with Brian Eno. The opening performance was very successful, and as a result the two started to write music together. It was a further two years before they met Dmitry Rubegov during the creation of the "Aquatoria" club, where their studio was based. Dmitry was primarily a club promoter looking to collaborate with them by providing creative ideas. Between 1996-1998 "Tetris" were engaged in writing music for High Fashion Week in Moscow and a number of their compositions found their way onto several Russian cd compilations.

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