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    Virendra V Vaishnav is a multi-talented personality with lots of arts given as gift by God. He is simultaneously recognized as an author, Painter, Designer, Poet, Cartoonist, Modern Artist, Journalist, Religious Speaker, Life Advisor, Singer and Spiritual Music Composer. He has achieved many awards in these fields as his work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses narratives of human experience. His Literature and Arts reflect his wide interactions with people from different countries. He has got very prominent identity among people from all over the world. People have seen their image in his suffering and pain. He proved that- One can’t be prevented from performing good works. The words speak of emotions, experiences and circumstances that he encountered in his life, during a span of time. He is sensitive towards helping people facing problems in his surroundings. Every day he helps people around him in a small way through his words, as he believes he has achieved his goal as a human. To pursue his inherent passion for art and literature, He decided to take some time in everyday life. To know more about Virendra visit www.virendravvaishnav.com or email him info@virendravvaishnav.com / virendravvaishnav@gmail.com

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