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    Sumit kumar, also known as sammusic and villagerapper , is an Indian rapper. Sumitkumar (villagerapper) was born on 5 may 2002 in the neemrana city Rajasthan , India, usually He was adopted by uncle in early 2 years of age. His friends always call him by name of villagerapper because He was belongs from village. He collab his first time song with his friend. He always listen rapper songs like Not Afraid , Rap God etc. His favorite singer is guru randhawa. He have dream to collab a song with guru randhawa. He had a hobby of a song writing , singing , acting and rapping from his childhood. He had struggled a lot in the initial years of his first song , His friends help him to make his first song. His friends always motivate him to do something , nothing is possible. He always rapping in extra time . He not take any classes of music but always learn all things of music on YouTube. Now, He is perfect in music. He has thought that all knew it that music is only one thing in this earth who can give us happiness.

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