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    Vilelmini - Wilma Katsi is a new talent in the Greek musical scene. Her first CD “ Into the Dark” is already published and it contains four new lovely songs. Vilelmini was born in Athens on March 9th, 1978 and she comes from a long line of music loving extended family from Preveza. She has been delving into music since she was 5 years old and she has studied piano and harmony in various musical schools including in Athens and Preveza and now she is learning classic guitar. But all her song are from her heart and from her soul! She has studied under several music instructors of notoriety and she has played in several music quartets. She has also studied computer science and marketing although music remains her real love and passion. Now she lives in Preveza where she works at a bank while writing music and promoting her work through the internet. The “Into the dark” is the first track of the CD album with the same name. All songs are composed by Vilelmini and orchestrated by George Bousounis, a member of the group AMMOS, who has worked with a lot of famous Greek artists. The album contains four songs and it was produced by onlinerecording.org. One of the songs in the album, Celtic Rain will be featured in Antigoni Katsouri’s new CD. The CD can be found in selected record stores in all over the Greece and via internet at http://vilelminikatsi.bandcamp.com and www.revernation.com/vilearrproductions Vilelmini on 06/26/2012 appeared in the European Musical Festival in Preveza after which she published her new piece called “ Aroma Elladas ( Smell of Greece ) " that Giannis Nikolaou ( an ex member of the band Lathrepivates ) singed this song . Her second collaboration was with the guitarist and ex member of the greek band NULL, Achileas Diamandis , for the track with the title " i feel you " Vilelmini had wrote also the track for the Preveza's Carnival Women’s parade , theme song to celebrate an old Preveza tradition. Her last musical composition is in collaboration with the other composer for the “imake Preveza” a documentary film promoting Preveza in Italy. Vilelmini is planning to continue her talented work in collaboration with other musicians and her dream is to give her music for soundtracks. Recently published her new album classical crossovers she did with Fred May from indaba! From indaba also she had collaborate with The Wizard, ThroDef, Lameboy Advance, Jerome Taylor, The Nuclear Turist, Martin Morilo, Canette3frostie, Mark Perakis, LeVab, IlCoro, Jay Fal13, Cheryl Sanders , Canette3frostie, Asli, Tino Tay, Arricardu Pitau , Roberto Massa, Antigoni Katsouri, Neal Smith and Olivia Francis, Toad, Orcguin,Mezcel , Alan Valdez and Kelly Sloan on the track "Tenderly" a cover for the international jazz comp of indaba music .

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