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    VC L Veasey aka VC L The Mighty V! Veasey Is a founding member of a band considered to be, the First Black Rock Band: Black Merda! He’s a guitarist, bassist, songwriter and producer, who he loves all kinds of music But not all of any genre of music. He writes vocals as well as instrumentals. Loves funk and funk rock and being original. He’s self taught and got his early experience and training playing in recording studios around Detroit during the Motown era, some of which were Fortune, Golden World, HDH and others. He played bass on Edwin Starr’s “Agent Double O Soul”. He worked with Starr in a band called the Soul Agents, who toured with Starr backing him on the songs “25 Miles” and “War”. They also toured with Brunswick recording artists Gene Chandler, The Chilites, The Artistics and played shows with the Spinners. Hello to all of you! Hope you enjoy What I do! Thanks for listening Dig ya Later VC L The Mighty V! Veasey