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    Varun H Lulla (V, GoVarun, Volume, SangeetAnand) Electronica with Ethnic / Folk Instruments : Moorchunga, Sullur, Kalimba, Koyal Shiti Short Bio Varun H Lulla headed to Rajasthan when he fell in love with the moorchunga after a friend introduced him to it. At the source, he picked up its rhythms from master makers in Jaisalmer and traditional musicians and returned to spread his passion for these ancient instruments. As the founder of the music brand, SangeetAnand, he’s been in performing, teaching, making and selling Moorchungas, Kalimbas, singing frogs and other tribal instruments for over 10 years. He is currently designing a multi sensory experience through sound, light, dance and fragrance to tell a story about plants and their music through their bio rhythms. As an artist and a revolutionary with a message - he devotes enormous time to the City Farming Movements as well as Making Fruit Forests and Off The Grid Living Spaces. Look him up, also if you wish to have a Butterfly attracting fragrant garden as a performance space or where you wish to throw a circus of the dedicated and devoted into a pool of creative freedom. Read More…. The hypnotic and euphoric sound of the Moorchunga complemented by ancient, indigenous instruments like the Sullur of the Gond Tribe, Singing Frogs of the Akha Tribe, Kalimbas originally from Africa and other nearly extinct instruments of tribal magic being played Live with Electronic Sound is the fortae and style of Varun H Lulla a.k.a V, GoVarun, Volume His stage presence is enchanting and can be traced from a young age in theatre troupes to collaborations and locations equally exotic from far away mountains in Ladakh to the Gateway of India in Bombay. Combining various art forms on stage while making music has lead him into co-creating multi dimensional journeys with many national and international artists on global causes and platforms. One of his most iconic collaborations is the 'Fire Theatre' that was a headlining act at the 'Kala Ghoda Arts Festival'. Other collaborations and performances include Forest Festivals, 'Van Vadi Gatherings', 'Recycle Room', 'Van Tribe', 'The Ladakh Confluence', 'The Matheran Green Festival' and 'The Farmer's Market by Kavita Mukhi' Varun born in Bombay, living in Goa, has found passion and joy in spreading the message of Green Living and City Farming through making Butterfly Gardens to co-creating Farmer's Markets. His music reflects this journey. As a traveller, explorer and artist he has rediscovered instruments nearly lost to modern society. He believes every person has heartbeat and can play music. To this end he has learned to make and produce his own style of music instruments which he shares with the world through '#SangeetAnand' which means 'Music and Joy'. Founder of SangeetAnand – band, events and collective – redefined his participation at festivals from the stage to the stall, from playing music for the audience to connecting with them at music instruments' stall where one can learn to play these indigenous instruments as well as get them from the artist directly. For more than a decade, SangeetAnand has been performing, conducting workshops in music, sourcing ethnic instruments, and conducting sound therapy. Events: ~ Curated entertainment and décor at Farmer's Market since it started in Mumbai ~ Curated and designed Festival – Healing for Nepal to raise funds for Nepal Earthquake ~ Debut on TV show MusicMojo ~ The World Mouth Harp Festivals in Goa (2013 to date) ~ The Farmer’s Market (several Sundays) in Mumbai ~ Earthdance Festival, 2013 ~ Forest festivals in Karnataka, 2014 ~ 26/11 Live at The Gateway of India, 2014 ~ Yantra Festival, 2014 ~ Celebrate Bandra, 2015 ~ Tridha Festival, 2015 ~ Healing for Nepal, 2015 ~ Matheran Green Festival, 2015 ~ Alt n Pepper Festival, 2016 ~ OO Heaven Stage, 2016 ~ C# (C SHARP) (GOA) Festival, 2017 ~ VanTribe Gathering, 2016, 2017 ~ Fat Finger Mayhem, ALGORAVE, 2018 Listen NOW: https://soundcloud.com/sangeetanandproject/chongshupreme-raw https://soundcloud.com/sangeetanandproject/changjam-raw https://soundcloud.com/smak-mahadev/all-that-we-need-feat-varun-lulla https://tikkimasala1.bandcamp.com/album/mandala (JAY JAY RAM) Web Presence: https://www.SangeetAnand.com https://www.Ecocentric.in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SangeetAnandProject https://www.facebook.com/Ikarushka https://www.facebook.com/SMAKMahadeV https://www.facebook.com/TikkiMasala AUDIO: https://www.soundcloud.com/sangeetanandproject https://www.soundcloud.com/Ikarushka https://www.soundcloud.com/smak-mahadev https://www.soundcloud.com/tikkimasala https://soundcloud.com/tikkimasala-unplugged VIDEO: YouTube #SangeetAnand #Ikarushka #SMAKMahdeV #TikkiMasala Video: ~ Ikarushka and GoVarun https://youtu.be/SeWrA92xfqs ~ Ikarushka Live https://youtu.be/WJYSvBYH_68 ~ SangeetAnand performing Live at Matheran Green Festival https://youtu.be/DBmXb1jOUbU ~ SangeetAnand performing Live at Gateway of India https://youtu.be/mG_sGpr3GRM ~ SangeetAnand stall featured on Green TV at Matheran Green Festival https://youtu.be/PIG39fuddgg ~ V on an urban street cut https://youtu.be/gc0r74MTh4M ~ V in collaboration with SMAKMahadeV on national tv https://youtu.be/cwAh3XjzAvs In the News: ~ SangeetAnand in the Bombay Times and Bangalore Times http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/music/news/SangeetAnand-perform-live-electro-instrumental-act/articleshow/47541606.cms ~ Interviewed for Sunday Mid Day for his eco experiments http://www.mid-day.com/articles/one-man-eco-stop/107663 ~ Varun Lulla in the DNA News https://www.dnaindia.com/lifestyle/salon-do-be-do-be-doo-1034423 ~ Varun's brainchild Buy Nothing Day was featured in Sunday Mid Day https://www.mid-day.com/articles/they-are-beating-consumerism-one-dress-at-a-time/90065 ~ Varun Lulla and Buy Nothing TM Day in DNA http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report-leave-your-purse-behind-today-1066003 ~ Featured as an eco-evangelist by blogger Sunil Kumar (Link - https://sunilwayanad.wordpress.com/2013/07/26/with-the-eco-evangelist/ ) ~ Featured by blogger Rohan Potdar for the 26/11 Gateway of India concert (Link - http://rohanpotdar.com/2014/11/an-evening-for-the-martyrs-of-2611/ ) ~ Interviewed in the eco-friendly Planeteer series by Jalebi Ink (Link - http://jalebiink.com/?p=473 ) ~ Interviewed by French publication Globactic for eco conservation centre in November 2013 (https://globactif.org/varun-lulla/ ) Collaboations: #SangeetAnandProject #PujaEthnoTribe (Lebanon) #LucidMantra (UK, India) #Ikarushka (Russia) #SMAKMahdeV (Kerela, Iran) #TikkiMasala (Belgium) #Solanki Nathu Lal (Rajasthan) #Kutlekhan (Rajasthan) #Rajasthan Roots (Rajasthan, Assam, Japan) #Fabian Kempe (Sweden)

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