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    Magnets and Ghosts is an Alternative Rock Band and Production Team made up of Dean Roland (from Collective Soul) and Ryan Potesta. The duo first met during the creation of Collective Soul's 2007 album Afterwords. After discovering they had similar taste in music, and when Collective Soul went on hiatus in 2010, they decided to form their own band, Magnets and Ghosts ("MAG"). In the fall of 2011, MAG released their debut, full-length album, Mass, which was well received by fans and critics alike. Roland and Potesta created honest and inspiring rock anthems such as "Like a Sunday", "Light My Flame" and “Hold On”, that showcased their strong songwriting talent. Three years later in 2014, MAG released the EP 'be born'. Featuring standout tracks like "Drug Money", "Off My Mind" and "Here To Save Me," 'be born' was an impressive follow-up that found them exploring their vast sound with sincere honesty and intense vulnerability. The record balanced their rock roots with a pop-sensibility that transcended genres and was accessible to practically everyone. Magnets and Ghosts returns in 2018 with their long-awaited third record and second full-length release, 'Space Time Gender'. Never disappointing, Roland and Potesta have once again delivered an infectious set of tracks that combine the avant-garde sound and vulnerability they've become known for, with the seasoned songwriting and creative experimentation that's only born out of years of experience writing together. You'll be wanting to keep this record well within your reach, as you find yourself on a musical journey through tracks like "Fire", "Racer" and "Glass To Sand", hitting repeat all along the way.

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