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    Lyrically showing love for this culture and the beatmakers involved through both Commercial and Non-commercial way under the terms of Creative Commons. Uncle Rasta is a husband, father + lyrically blessed songwriter/talented lyricist Emcee, Producer + STUDIO-MIX/MASTERING ENGINEER... Cuz i Uncle all about that DOPE UNDERGROUND Hip hop MUSIC & LIFE... I came 2 resurrect the Cypher & bring back the Dopeness in that Unadulterated form of Hip hop...where the art of rhyming is 1st and last concern of the artist in Question...blessed with some beautiful instrumentation N the Result be PURE DOPENESS Ps.. I got mad love N respect for SINOPTIC INTERNATIONAL MUSIC .. Dj Hellblazer.. Nextwon.. John Woo (Old beats Record) COLLECTIVE.. Ogi feel the beat ...Tour de Manège......Jungle 52....KLINGING SWORDZ 忍術 e.t.c Zifhang.... Jay Fehrman.... QuasiBeat.... Dj Kesti N many more dope beatmakers.... i Rasta is 100% underground Hip hop/trip hop lyricist/Vocalist + Audio Mix .Studio Engineer (Mix/Mastering)& Vocal production specialist .... {I don't make beats, I lyrically bless dem while i producer dem} Send me a message for collaborations e.t.c {BUT SERIOUS ENQUIRERS ONLY} Availability of Mixing & Mastering services as well, HOLLA@ME FOR MORE INFO

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