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    Australia’s Guinness World Record winning Producer, DJ and Video DJ Anthony Cruze (also known as "The Popbrokers" and "2GreenDollars") has kicked some serious “goals” in his 3-decade international career. Appearances at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, hosting as well as co-producing the TV series of “Turn It Up” (the antithesis to “Countdown” and “American Bandstand”). Not merely a DJ/VJ, the master performer wears many hats (or headphones?) and is one of the world’s pioneers in music and video technology. International press describes him as ‘the world’s most accomplished party anchor’ and ‘the game changer of the entertainment industry’. Ranked highly in the “World’s most influential DJ’s”, and #1 in “The most influential Video DJ’s of all time” he mostly spends his time in studio and incognito, save and except for performances with artists such as Sheila E, Wes Quave, Adam and Ebony Roach and Virtuous Selere.

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 Game Changing the Industry, One Project at a time.