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    Ultimatum is a worldwide Award-nominated songwriter and producer, identifiable with his heavily Auto-Tuned half-sung/half-rapped vocal style. Initially being inspired by 50 Cent to make music then later studied works by Tupac Shakur, he developed a strong passion for music, in later years he began producing music heavily influenced by Metro Booming, DJ Mustard & TM88. Ultimatum has produced singles for artists like Stefan Goree and many more. Ultimatum has released a few noticeable projects, Passed Magic EP(2018) and What's Left Aint Right(2020), and currently working on his highly anticipated EP "Universe 7'' which references his all-time favorite anime Dragonball Z expected to drop sometime around 2021 Ultimatum is signed to the label Matum Legacy Entertainment, which is founded and ran by Ultimatum. Matum Legacy Ent was founded in 2018 and has since been releasing Ultimatum's music to the world and still continues to release his music to this day.

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 Award Nominated songwriter and Producer 

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