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    Tyler Thompson ( T.T. ) is a artist, songwriter, producer from Minnetonka, Mn. Tyler released the album "TROUBLE" in late 2016 with his partner Collin Smith performing as SmithNThompson. SmithNThompson's music is a blend of acoustic guitar, pop, blues, country and a touch of hip hop which they call HipAcoustic. SmithNThompson also just released a single called "Awake" which was written about those suffering from illness, disease and/or the pain of dealing with a loss. The song asks that we shake ourselves awake and care for one another to make the world a better place. Information available at https://www.smithnthompson.com/ Tyler had previously released a Hip Hop album called "Turn It Up" under T.T. available at https://ttofficial.com/ featuring artists such as Tech N9ne, Twista, Wayne Wonder and Mod Sun. Writing and producing are Tyler's passion and his career goal is to write for artists in different genre's, especially pop, country and Hip Hop.

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