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    Aaron Barone (also known as Two-5ive) is an emerging Buffalo-based producer, songwriter, and music artist on a lifelong mission to entertain, uplift, and energize his listeners through the infinite power of club music. Since the young age of 11, Aaron had an avid interest in music and played in numerous bands. After over a decade of honing his craft and networking with fellow creative minds, he established his Two-5ive persona and decided to go in a different direction musically. Today, he utilizes a multitude of different elements, sounds, and influences to create a truly diverse and one of a kind listening experience. On November 13th 2017, Aaron released his single entitled “Ballo.” Currently, he is both writing and licensing various other songs and looks forward to bringing more diversity into New York’s ever-evolving music scene. When he isn’t creating music, Aaron is still as ambitious as ever and spends the bulk of his free time immersed in all things fitness and business.

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