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    32 year old songwriter/producer of pop, pop/dance (EDM) & singer/songwriter music. based in Cardiff, UK. I trained as a classical violinist in my youth before my development into songwriting in 2012, however, I put all music on hold whilst playing professional rugby for a number of years before being forced to retire due to injury. As songwriters we have the unique gift of being able to articulate our thoughts and feelings in the form of words and music! There is something beautiful about that. To capture our love, our grief, our fears, our hope, our insecurities and everything else in between, all in a 3 (4) minute escape that will last. I don't intend on wasting that gift! Capture everything you hold dear to you, Express yourself and share it with the world! Big respect to everyone working on their craft!

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 Lover of dogs, rugby & all things musical!