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    Laiken Strobush & Mercedes Cruz To The Moon is a Los Angeles-based female Pop duo blending in styles of R&B and EDM. Formed in the Spring of 2021, Laiken Strobush sparkles on Vocals and Keys while Mercedes Cruz drives the rhythmic dance grooves on Drums. Both are Midwest girls bringing sunshine to the West Coast music scene. Co-writing songs about love, sex, and magic, To The Moon has collaborated with several producers to craft songs with a radio-ready, Modern Pop sound to every stage performance. Laiken has been inspired by the vocal artistry of Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, and Whitney Houston. Her soulful, sultry voice soars on beautiful melodies and dazzling harmonies. Chances are, the catchy hooks will have you singing along by the end of each song. Mercedes brightens up the room with her bubbly personality and irresistible feel-good beats. The charisma and bounce of the music will get you up on your feet, dancing to positive vibes. Her influences include Neil Peart and Phil Collins, drummers who write. The release of their debut EP has an upbeat, commercial vibe with hooks you just can’t escape after your first listen. Los Angeles currently doesn’t have a female pop duo, creating music craved by festival-goers. Enter: To The Moon. To The Moon is a whole playlist.

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 Love, Sex, and Magic! That's the type of music we create.