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    Tom Goss is an acclaimed singer-songwriter who went from a quiet childhood in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to wrestling at the college level in Missouri before eventually entering a Washington, DC seminary, leaving the priesthood after a year, and marrying his husband. Since the launch of a successful music career in 2006, the Los Angeles-based artist has delivered seven fan-favorite independent albums, generated over 10 million collective streams and 14 million views, landed syncs everywhere from ABC and HBO to Univision, and performed alongside Andy Grammer, Taylor Dayne, and more. Tom Goss has earned critical acclaim for his recently released seventh studio album Territories. The 15-track collection produced by Ian Carmichael (Lamb, The Orchids, One Dove,) explores new emotional and relational territory and the many complications of love. Throughout the past year-and-a-half of world exploration and self-discovery, Goss found himself in a place that was not his own. Believing that we are more susceptible to emotional growth when we are pushed out of our comfort zone, Territories abandons any facade of safety and dives into the unknown. He will soon release the official video for his fourth single "Regretting," starring Mean Girls actor Daniel Franzese.

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