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    Too often in this world humans have ignored things, not because we want to, but because we have to. But do we really? Ernest Becker says that we created our character as a vital lie against the overwhelming everything. The millions of atoms that make up a tree, the vastness of the universe, the uncountable amount of things that had to happen to make you be who you are and where you are at this very moment. It is incredible, so non-believable, so much that the self-conscious beings that we are, not even able to understand our own perception, have to cut down from this truth in order to survive. Language for example, one of the primary tools to induce understanding, is so inaccurate and therefore often so far removed from the truth that it becomes impossible to not create misunderstanding or incomprehensiveness, very often leading to wars or other destructions of beauty. Today, my brother and I believe that human beings are ready. We are ready to eat every single fruit from the tree of knowledge and take full responsibility for the burden that comes with it. We are ready to be amazed. Human beings are ready to evolve. But for that, we need to open our eyes in every single way possible. That is why we want to launch project "ALO" (ALO = Abre los ojos). We want to make you feel everything. Every air molecule you breath in, every ray of sunshine that touches your skin. We want to make you think in different ways. We want to expand your perception. We want to make you evolve. Abre los ojos, amigos.

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