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    Settled somewhere in the middle of what is known as the "Little Bohemian Alps" in Iowa is a small town called Vining (population 50). This is where Todd Apfel calls home. But this isn't where the story begins, it started back in the early 1980's where at age 20 Todd Apfel started his first "hair band". After years of regional success Todd had to make a decision between climbing the corporate ladder or taking his chances on music. Knowing that the odds were better to go with a guaranteed paycheck, Todd took on the corporate world. Fast forward 25+ years later and you now find Todd out of the corporate world and in Vining, Iowa. What makes this news exciting is Todd's return to his musical muse. With that return we find that his age has brought wisdom, and his music and lyrics now as an emerging singer/songwriter have an incisive and heartfelt depth and maturity he couldn't have fathomed years ago. Todd blends his raw and expansive Americana vibe shades of country, alt-country, indie rock and folk. All of Todd's spirited eclecticism is forged from a similar source: Making music, while Todd's writing and recording makes for great therapy to him. His songs will prove therapeutic for anyone who defers their dreams and suffers setbacks on their way to finding peace and bliss outside the rat race. Living in Vining, Iowa has done wonders for Todd's creative spirit. "I get up every morning and look out the window and see eagles, horses and sometimes I write while listening to the coyotes at night," he says. "After working in a big city for years, it was quite little bit of a culture shock to be in a place where a 6 pack of beer and a pickup truck on a gravel road is a typical Friday night. But I'm a small town person at heart and I love small town values, and my town and the surrounding area plays a big part in the real life experiences I write about." With his 2nd album (Down This Road Before) released 2/2/2018, Todd is back preparing for a Spring/Summer tour and also working on album #3.

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