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    Visionary Quest Records embodies the unique signature music and sounds created and produced by Tito Abeleda. Although classified within the dance and edm genre, his music transcends such rigid structures via his mode of storytelling through music that moves the inner spirit and imagination to dance. Tito Abeleda (musician, composer, author, director, choreographer, and attorney) has his deep roots in the entertainment industry having performed on Broadway for 10 years straight (in such shows as Shogun: the Musical, Miss Saigon and The Revival of The King and I) and directed/choreographed numerous shows internationally for over 20 years. Tito is also 2nd career attorney having practiced for 8 years as state prosecutor prosecuting child abuse and 3 years as in house counsel for child welfare agency facilitating services to reunify children with their rehabilitated parents or finding them new homes via adoption if parents could not be rehabilitated to regain custody of their children. After having practiced law for 11 years, Tito felt his life imbalanced without an outlet to feed his soul for creativity, meaning, and fulfillment. His mind, body, and soul were in need of substantial healing. Tito realized that he had let life take over the driver seat to his dream destination. So in 2017 he took back the driver seat and returned to his true love in the arts with the specific focus this time in music having played piano since his was in kindergarten and minored in music/piano in college at Butler University, Indianapolis, IN. The overwhelming response to Tito's music has led to Visionary Quest Records taking on its own life.

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