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    Thomas Namdar is currently living in a small red flat within the city walls of an old Bavarian Town in Germany with two cats and a number of pieces of equipment rigged together to create sound. He still does not understand how he came to be responsible for the feeding and domestic arrangements of these animals, nor, for that matter, what he is doing living in Germany. He has produced music for videos, clubs, raves and fun, as either himself, Thomas Radman, Parshan or Tom The Chemist. He sings great in the car and always holds the door open for people. He keeps an enormous collection of marginally up-to-date blogs, which is nothing like keeping cats at all. He wears jeans, T-Shirts and a sarcastic look on his face. Mr. Namdar runs the label Tiefhaus Records with its two sub labels, Dubhaus Records and Nikita Digital. Along with Hugo Allen, they cater to the progressive minds, relaxed thinkers and of course the adult ADHD afflicted… respectively. He also likes ice cream and rain.

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