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    I have been singing ever since I can remember. And since I was 7. As the Lead voice in a Big Choir. I love Writing music and songs. I love all types of Music. If it is good. I Started playing professionally at 13 years old. Who are the "Willing"? The great musicians that are supportive of my songwriting efforts. Frank Harrison guitar extraordinaire, Grammy award winner Jeff Ciampa, Tim Keseg, Alana Howard, James Daniels, Jim Johnson, Jack Storts And Others. Due to health issues. I was sidelined from music for a number of years But I am now back (sort of). I am inspired by new songs I am is writing. Good musicians and bands are always welcome to try Any of My Songs for Cover release. If a song works for you. Contact me. Tom is determined to finish an album and working toward being in good enough health to perform a live show by the end of the year. Songs in the works: A Tom petty style song, A R&B song. A blues song, two pop songs, a 'We are the World' type song. All songs will be written by Thomas Howard and Could include other various artists As Co Writers. I am always seeking the very best artists to co-write songs with. Please share my music. With All all your friends.

 Tom Howard And The Willing.