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    Urban Fantasy is a electronic, hip-hop, unabashedly pop trio emerging from Bellingham, Washington, blending Tommy Jordan's hard hitting Midwest-style rap, Danielle Davies' memorable hooks, and Connor Aseltine's ill DJ-ing. The self-proclaimed "Harry Dresden of hip-hop" Tommy Jordan, fellow fantasy nerd and comic book enthusiast Danielle Davies, and the dashing rogue--Connor Aseltine--create a world in which you can trade your cow for three magic beans, climb a beanstalk, and not only find gold, but the woman of your dreams, and face your greatest fears. A world where the huddled masses, yearning to be free, are gathered at the bottom of the beanstalk staring hopefully upwards, awaiting Rapunzel to let down her hair. Where Robin Hood has a swift victory over the tyrannical dictatorship of Nottingham. A world in which a thimble always gets you a kiss, and you always have the strength to pull the sword from the stone.

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