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    The Sun Harmonic is an eclectic musician, and genre-bending songwriter, who comes from the small town of St. Thomas, Canada. The moniker belongs to classically-trained musician Kaleb Hikele who has blossomed with his piano songwriting project, releasing his complete Winter album (a conceptual double-album) in March 2017. Kaleb started his venture as The Sun Harmonic with a self titled album in 2009 - he released a rock album (Chemistry) and a folk album (Season) in 2010 before spending a few years out of the sun. He made his way to the East and West Coast of Canada touring as a solo artist, visiting coffee houses and recording studios along the way. His latest release is the double-album that revolves around his first love, the piano, forming a concept record with a simple name - Winter. Listen and enjoy the experience.

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