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    The Sun Harmonic is a rock and roll band fronted by Canadian songwriter Kaleb Hikele, an eclectic composer and prolific recording artist from Toronto's east end, raised in the small town of St. Thomas, Ontario. To date he has released 5 studio albums and is working on new band and solo releases in the studio... After a journeyed decade using his stage name Kaleb is refocusing his work in the studio and on stage, finishing ongoing projects and most recently showcased by Canada's Walk of Fame in downtown Toronto and Winnipeg's Festival Du Voyageur in 2020. A classically trained pianist turned folk songwriter, Kaleb started writing his own songs at age 13 and led a handful of bands before creating The Sun Harmonic in 2009. He's toured from coast to coast in Canada as a solo artist and has been accompanied by opera singers, a chamber string orchestra and is currently backed by his rock and roll trio. On record, The Sun Harmonic debuted with three solo albums in 2009-10' before quietly writing and recording an ambitious concept album (created only in the winter season, written only on the piano). After eight years he debuted the double album ranging in genres from folk, soul, jazz to classical; it was released with a simple title, Winter, in 2017. He followed this massive project with a 7" record to celebrate his tenth anniversary; A Heart So Heavy was released in the spring of 2019 and he set off on a solo tour to mark ten years as The Sun Harmonic. Kaleb Hikele comes to life performing with his rock band or an intimate solo performance on guitar and piano, carrying his career spanning original music in hand. He sings from the heart and bares soul through his songs.

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