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    Throughout rock history, we have seen several brother tandems that have left a deep impression - Don and Phil Everly, Angus and Malcolm Young, Eddie and Alex Van Halen, etc. And soon, rock fans will be introduced to the next brother-led rock band that is sure to break through in a big way - the Raskins. Formed several years ago by twins Roger and Logan Raskin, the union originally began as a mere writing project for producer Greg Ladanyi. But after several demos were cut and the brothers realized they were on to something, it became a permanent proposition, and the Raskins were born. To date The Raskins have amassed a tremendous body of work. For further information go to: www.TheRaskins.com www.MiralEntertainment.com Contact: info@MiralEntertainment.com 310-702-3840

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 Producers of sound and musical harmony 

  • Runnaway Girl (Instrumental) | Instrumental
  • Smashing Full Phat (instrumental) | Instrumental
  • Under The Rain (Instrumental) | Instrumental
  • Metal Storm (Instrumental) | Instrumental