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    BIO Ryan Christopher is an American musician, artist and writer. Born and raised in Alaska, he spent his years learning guitar and cello starting at the age of 7, and has played in many groups both professionally and independently. One of his early milestones while playing in his progressive rock band Fluid was the opportunity to be produced by Grunge Icon Page Hamilton, founder of Helmet and guitarist of David Bowie. Following came more momentum when Fluid was selected to star on an A&E reality TV pilot called The Chronicles of Rock where Ryan was able to work and perform with Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed, The world famous Enigma, Maria Brink from In This Moment and various other note- worthy musicians in the scene. Since then he has slowed down on his live performances to focus on becoming a 'Big Picture' artist. "Becoming entirely self sufficient in any industry is infinitely valuable. If you have not only the vision to imagine every aspect of the entire project, but also the skills and touch to produce all the pieces and put them together; you're miles ahead of the herd.," Because of this idea and love for art and digital media, He started a small business called The Media Multi-Tool which specializes in "Big Picture" multimedia presentation.

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