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    A little over 20 years ago Trey and Eric met working in the steel fab industry and became friends. At that time Eric’s dad had a recording studio and after finding out that Trey played also Eric invited him over. Eric had a rock/metal band at the time so Trey would come over and “turn knobs” and write his own music while Eric and his band wrote,recorded and practiced in the studio. Around 2001 Trey and Eric drifted apart. Eric continued with different rock/metal bands and Trey went on a small tour in Texas living his dream. All of that eventually came to an end. We both lost all our musicians that we had in different bands/groups. So a little over four years ago Eric got back into recording and writing. Even with their styles were different Trey and Eric got in contact through Facebook and decided to just “jam” and see what would happen. This was in 2017 by 2018 they had their first album “Life on Pause” and had created The Dirt Road Liars. Just two guys with a love and passion for good music!. On the day the album dropped Eric had a massive heart attack and was not expected to make it. He coded 4 times and spent 6 days in a coma. Trey was lost and didnt know what to do so he did what he knew best. Sat by Eric’s side and wrote. While Eric was recovering Trey had his own complications. He worked at a factory at the time that did not have a sound building. A large storm came through and the roof collapsed with employees and Trey running out with debris falling behind them. This caused Trey to have to stop playing and have a plate put in his neck due to going back in and saving other employees. So now with both having medical issues and PTSD It did not stop them by 2019 they released their second album Burned Out and wrote the song Awake Again about the trials they went through in 2018 with Eric’s heart attack and Treys work accident. With much more exposure they could not stop there. After that Eric and Trey left their current jobs and funny enough went to sale cars together as car salesmen so they would have more time to write and compose. Fast forward its 2020 and they are working on their third album. Still selling cars and all self produced, recorded, mixed, written and mastered by them. Trying to make the dream a reality. “With everything going on in life we hope that we can make you smile, laugh, and love our music.” That is the greatest compliment to us and the countless hours we put into writing and pouring our hearts into our music. And We thank you.

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