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    Two incredibly unique artists brought together by fate in 2013, Elle Mariachi & Jay Active of The Rhetoriks have been moving the hearts & minds of the people with their music for the past six years. With their signature style of uplifting & empowering sound unafraid to push the boundaries & borders of multiple genres in a genuinely sincere effort to create a wildly dynamic new blend of musical fusion – the talented duo create meaningful music that’s built to last with bulletproof hooks & versatile sound. Through the insightful bars that rapper Jay brings to the mic, to the flawlessly immaculate technique & tone that Elle sings with – The Rhetoriks have become a truly unified & positive force within the scene. Based out of the UK, they’ve released multiple singles that have consistently ranked within the top-20, even reaching into the top-10 with their smash hit “Yeah I Do” – and they’ve got no plans to slow down. The Rhetoriks have played every venue, club, festival, and show they’ve been fortunate enough to be featured onstage at – and they’re currently closing-in on the final stages of the recordings for their first official debut full-length record, called 20/20 Vision, due out towards the beginning of the new year. Ready to bring their best material to-date to the world at large – join Jay, Elle, and The Rhetoriks as they dominate the charts & playlists across the globe with stunningly unique music that becomes a powerful, sensory experience, filled with the spectacular sound of pure passion radiating from the lefts to rights.

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