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    The Never Content is similar to an old French saying “jamais deux sans trois,” which translates into the belief that if an event takes place twice, it will probably happen a third time. The brainchild of three musicians: Joe Tag, (a New York Native) & Liz Saxon, (a Chi-Town Rep) with Tristan Leral, (a Parisian Expat), united forces to create an original sound palate of cinematic, electronic, & organic songs, culminating their eclectic musical influences. Joe & Liz, heavily influenced by the daring styles of Massive Attack, Portishead, & Radiohead, and the raw, unfettered songwriting of Paul Weller, Peter Gabriel, & Tom Waits, decided to call upon Engineer/Producer Tristan Leral (Etro Anime, Mary J Blige, Lizz Fields) to get onboard & help bring their vision to fruition. The result is a dense, emotional journey through musical valleys with electronic textures, organic streams of fluid vocals, & airy, cinematic hues sure to please music aficionados at large.

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 Three words: THE NEVER CONTENT.