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    Experience the power of music New Orleans is known as a place where ones sensory palette is constantly being pleased by the sensual, suductive aura that is the other worldly experience of being in Americas most interesting city. It is a place that has been the creative incubator that has spawned many greats in the field of music. One of the most gifted artist to burst upon the scene and who is poised and ready to take his career to the next level is the artist/producer/ songwriter known as THE LIKWIDLIGHT EXP. Over the years he has been a fixture on the New Orleans music scene;he is a multi talented singer musician whose music is an eclectic blend of vintage soul,rock,hip hop and R&B. His sound is reminiscent of the greats of soul music yet it is refreshingly original; he is the embodiment of what a twenty-first century artist should be;one whose music knows no boundaries or categories and has the ability to touch the hearts and souls of many with its infectious addictive grooves. He says of his song-writing,"I draw from the genius of artist like Stevie Wonder,Prince and Timberland." Continuing he says of his upcoming solo album SEX DROIDS,this album is a timeless journey through song,you will get a chance to experience the past,present and future threw music;my songs are like meditations.Like Harry Connick Jr.,Terrence Blanchard and Wynton Marselles,LIKWID honed his skills at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts(NOCCA) where he became an accomplished vocalist as well as mastering piano,bass ,guitar and drums under local legend Carl LeBlanc.A natural on stage, L I K W I D has electrified many an audience with his infectious music and iconic performances. L I K W I D has performed at the New OrleansJazz and Heritage festival as well as the Essence Music Festival.In addition to his to his solo project he is also producing rising superstar Greg Banks as well as numerous other artist. L I K W I D is an artist to be reckoned with and is revolutionary force for change in a cookie cutter industry. L I K W I D symbolizes and personifies truth and integrity in music,as he stands poised and ready to the next step in his musical journey giving the world his gifts,as a trailblazer of 21st century music. L I K W I D will quench the thirst of those who drink music for spirit&soul.

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