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    Tariq Singletary, aka R3trO Riq is an 18 year old singer/song-writter born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. As a very versatile artist, he primarily portrays emotional and heart-felt contemporary r&b, but ranges from genres like hip-hop and pop, to dancehall and reggae. His emotionally-altering and smooth rhythm on r&b beats has given him comparisons to artists "Bryson Tiller", "Tory Lanez", and "Drake". With incredible lyricism and beautiful melodies on tracks, R3trO Riq is an artist that has a track for any kind of listener. Starting at the age of 12, R3trO Riq worked through years of tedious research, learning how to write, record, and, mix and master his own songs in his home studio. His most popular tracks recorded and mixed here include singles "Soul Fly", "100 Degrees", and "Live It Up". Over the years he also gained recognition from celebrities "K.E On the Track", "Action Jaxon", "Hustlemantherapper", and "DMT The Rapper". From here, R3trO Riq strives to gain fame and acclaim as he rises to the top to be the next great of the generation in the music industry.

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 Meet the South Carolina artist: R3trO Riq