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    Takeez is the oldest of three children and was born and raised in small town Lawton Oklahoma where he honed his skills of rhyme and rhythm. After singing for almost ten years, in 2010 he picked up the microphone in a new way, and became a Hip Hop artist. As he started to get a buzz around his hometown he released his debut rap mix-tape on march 31st of 2011. The mix-tape was titled "Controversial Controversy" and did well in viral blogs and created a nice tone to his future endeavors as a Hip Hop artist. He later went on to drop 4 more mixtapes, each one making him more and more of a force in the underground hip hop circuit. In 2016 on March 7th Takeez dropped his first debut singles titled "Stokely Carmichael" and "Lets Eat" via ITunes and google play. There have also been talks of an album titled "Spiritual Asylum" in the works set to drop within the next two years. Take hard hitting punch lines, a smooth poetic delivery, and 12 inch nails and pack it all into one small town kid, and you have keez. From battling in a league of animals in the Oklahoma City proving grounds by the name of "School of Thought",  to touring with his DJ on one of Hip Hop's biggest tours ever, MGK and Tech Nyne's Hostile Takeover Tour in 2012...to working on his debut EP WiseSpoken 2 which is scheduled to drop in 2016.... its been a hell of a ride. Hailing From Dallas, Tx  there is a storm brewing and shelter is not looking too feasible.  Don't blink or you might miss one of the most promising emcee's to ever come out of the southwest.

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