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    Szpieg Kontra Szpieg (Polish for “Spy Vs Spy”) is a one-man project, drawing inspiration from noir aesthetics. “Iskra” (“A Spark”) the debut EP is a soundtrack to an internal conflict and the episodic nature of life. Bound by the theme of fire, it explores some of life’s inevitabilities: ageing, despair, renouncement, hope, ecstasy and burning out. Genre: Noir, Post-rock, Darkjazz Personnel: Szpieg (Tomasz Pawlowski) - the concept, guitars, bass, drums, synth and samples. With a guest appearance from Bartlomiej Kuzniak (saxophones, melodica, double bass, sound manipulation) Recorded at Czysciec Studio, Katowice, June 2018. Produced and mixed by Michal “Nihil” Kuzniak. Mastered by Bartlomiej Kuzniak in Studio 333.

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