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    Sumeru Ray (alias MahaManas) is a great-minded sage of the modern times. Awakener––Educer and Educator, dedicated for true Human Development. He is the pioneer of reasonable spirituality and the creator of the great doctrine– ‘MahaVad’, and the founder of ‘MahaDharma’ –the religion of free-thinkers for true self-development & human development. He is well experienced Doctor of Alternative Medicines (MD) and very successful practitioner and researcher in the field of Alternative Medicines and Human Development. Sumeru Ray is the inventor of the new system of medicine= MPathy... He is a knowledge worshipper, educated in the open school of the world! Self-conscious man of vast experience with art sense, creative power, computer knowledge, new ideas. He is a good mentor. He is an author – philosopher –researcher. Dr Ray is the teacher of true self development Education and specialist in mental problems. Most important identity of MahaManas, –he is a humanitarian. His all efforts are – for human welfare. He is a social reformer. He has knowledge in fine arts, literature, Yoga, meditation, art of healing, self-development program, lyric, story, screenplay writing, music composing and film making, news paper and periodicals editing, and reasonable spirituality. To know more, go through Google search= Sumeru Ray / MahaManas

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