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    Who is Suli4Q? (Suli) Derrives from Sulaiman which is an English transliteration of the Arabic name سليمان that means "man of peace" and corresponds to the English name Solomon. 4Q is an abbreviation for Fourth Quarter. It is a constant reminder that each day lived is another opportunity to take another step towards victory. Suli4Q was recently selected by Hot 103.3 Jamz as “One of the Top 10 Artists.” He has reached over 1,000,000 streams on the music service Spotify. His single "You Shoulda Listened" is now playing on the #1 Kansas City radio station for Hip-Hop and R&B, Spreading quickly to other stations across the world, and his “Cadillac Issues” music video is well received with over 100,000 views on YouTube. Hip Hop Mogul Tech N9ne was asked what he thought about the rising star Suli4Q; he simply replied, "Dude is tough, real music." The song that caught Tech N9ne’s attention was “2900”. “2900” sheds light on the inner city life and is part of his larger project, The Program. The album explains although we are programmed, pre-destined by our genes and environment, it’s up to us to break out and create our own destiny. Combine witty rhymes with hypnotic catchy beats and artist Suli4Q comes to mind. Suli4Q reminds listeners to always speak the truth and live like it’s the 4th quarter of the game. Suli4Q's first studio album The Program represents optimism and realism combined. From beginning to end, his raps and storytelling urges us to prosper, to overcome obstacles programmed by our environment and circumstances. Suli4Q challenges us all to break the chains and design our destiny – the way we envision.

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